The primary objectives include:

  • to develop state-of-the-art basin- and site-scale geomechanical models for the North Sea, addressing key mechanisms controlling subsurface stress variations in the Horda area offshore Norway and the Greater Bunter Sandstone area offshore UK (WP1)
  • to produce a new integrated earthquake catalogues and stress maps for the North Sea, which will be used for seismic hazard assessment during site development in offshore areas (WP2)
  • to characterize deformation, failure, flow and seismic properties of caprock and reservoir rocks from North Sea and Indian site (WP3)
  • to reduce containment risk and costs through targeted monitoring of critical rock deformation and fluid pressure (WP4)
  • to develop cost-effective strategies for monitoring induced seismicity (WP4)
  • to improve sub-surface risk management by implementing uncertainty quantification, probabilistic methods and effective workflows for quantitative evaluation of containment leakage risks associated with CO2 sequestration (WP5)
  • to communicate technology development on containment risk to industry and regulators through publications, presentations, webinars and workshops (WP6)